External Hard Drive

Onesome: External-- What sorts of gadgets do having hanging off your computer? We'll spot you that printer, but how about other goodies like scanners, card readers, cameras, MP3 players and such?

Actually none of that because I use a laptop. It sits on a little tray table in the living room. If I need to print something then I'll move it over to the printer or I'll plug in my card reader. It's sitting on a table in the living room, but not permanently on the computer since it travels with me every day to work.

Twosome: Hard-- What part of working with computers is hard for you? ...working with one particular piece of software? Getting that camera to connect? ...or dealing with the family members who don't understand what the deal is ?

Right now it is working on that laptop and trying to edit pictures. I love, love, love my laptop because of its convenience and portability, but I wish I had (or could afford) a beautiful big screen to attach to it. Since it was the first version of the Powerbook 12" it has some display problems and doesn't play nicely with others. So it will have to wait until I can afford a new computer.

Harder than that? Working with old Windows machines at work. I can't stand them!

Threesome: Drive-- What drives you to the computer? Is it friends? Work? News? Recipes? The weather radar?

Addiction. Checking forums that I am on, Flickr, email. Mostly now having to do with blogging and photoblogging. So I guess connection to others drives me to the computer. I am very shy in person and it is easier for me to be myself online.

It's only....

Spring Cleaning Continues