My DVR had a little surprise for me this morning. A Nero Wolfe that I haven't seen before. I have it set to record Nero Wolfe every week, even though I've seen all of them, or thought I had. I love watching Nero Wolfe again and again, just as I love reading Nero Wolfe again and again. I didn't think there was actually one out there I hadn't seen, but there it was this morning when I hit play. A pleasant surprise on this Sunday morning.

It's nice to have something pleasant happen this weekend, because otherwise it will be a total bust. My allergies have descended full force and kicked my butt. I had lots of things planned for this weekend including a fancy party last night and a walking tour today, but none of those things will happen. I had a fever yesterday and thankfully that is gone, but I still feel pretty miserable today. Stupid allergies.


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