I finally found my lens cleaning solution after searching for days. I'm very particular about my lens solution. I've been using the same kind for years and in my opinion it is the best on the market.

I ran out last week and stopped by the Walgreen's on the way home from work. No solution. Next day another Walgreen's and a Kroger. No solution. Next day another Walgreen's (yeah, there are four Walgreen's between my house and my job). No solution. In the mean time I had to buy some other kind of cleaning solution and even though I'm sure it was all in my mind, my lenses just didn't feel as comfortable. Finally this morning it occurred to me that there was a CVS next to the first Walgreen's. And there it was. CVS. I never think to go there. Hallelujah. My lenses are getting a bubble bath and thankfully I didn't have to go to Walmart. Anything but having to traverse the wilds of Walmart!

I am the Queen of Wishful Thinking