I am the Queen of Wishful Thinking

This week's Thursday Threesome.

Onesome: I am-- When you state "I am", what do you state that you are?

I am tired. Sorry, but nothing else comes to mind.

Twosome: the King-- Are you the king (or queen) of something? The remote? The household? Or is there something else you master?

Well I am queen of the household by default. I'm the only one here. My cat may dispute that though. I am the queen at my job. I am the boss of my little area, so I have the final say.

Threesome: of Wishful Thinking-- What have you been wishful for lately?

In the last few days I've been wishing to get better. The illness that knocked out my weekend plans is still dragging me down. Long term, hmmm.... I find wishful a very specific word. I've been wishful for some inner peace. No don't giggle. Inner peace.

Variety: Spice of the Photoblog?