Variety: Spice of the Photoblog?

This would seem like an obvious statement with no need for a question mark, but let me explain.

I tend to be a very orderly person. You can call me fussy if you like, but I like doing things in order. At my old photoblog I settled into posting pictures from events in order. All the parade pictures fit to use, then all the pictures from the museum visit, then all the pictures from the Galveston trip, etc.

When I decided to actually organize my photos in the winter, I realized that with my new labeling system I could actually mix up the photos and still keep track of which ones were posted. I figured that it would give more variety to my postings. I've lived with this for a while and now I'm starting to feel that the vision is disjointed. Not that I had a clearly defined style in the first place, but at least you could see a thread of my life. The events that I went to and photos I posted I think told something about me.

So what to do. For example right now I have enough Rodeo Carnival photos to last me two to three weeks. But would I still have viewers after posting two weeks worth of the same event? Post things in order or mix up things from what I got ... (even if the same event shows up every three days).

And if you say some of one and some of the other, then read again. Fussy. I have to decide on a system and stick with it. So what do you think? How do you do decide what to post? Let's hear it!


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