I have no idea why, but I woke up this morning and decided that I wanted to clean my apartment. Now it certainly needed to be cleaned, but it needed to be cleaned forever and I just had not done it yet. But this morning I just got up and decided to clean. I find myself weird sometimes.

Maybe it is my growing up process. Yes, my birthday is coming up, Tuesday in case you are curious..... 34, in case you are really curious. Wow, look at that number. I have made some personal goals for this year and I guess I really have to do them starting Tuesday. Certain numbers I have been really comfortable with and others I have not. 33 was good, 32 was not. 29 was ok, but I wasn't comfortable with 28. Maybe it is an even number thing. I'm not looking forward to 34, but I hope that the goals I set will help.


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