Art is All Around Us

Hey Houstonians, you should try to catch the show "Art is All Around Us" on PBS. That is of course, if you like art. What a great show. I wish it was longer and a regular series. The show focused on public art in downtown Houston. I am proud to say that I knew where a lot of the featured art pieces were. I know part of that is in thanks to The Governor and the contest I helped him with on Metroblog. (Thanks Gov!)

Of the pieces that I knew about, my favorite is the "Disappearing Gnomes." I just think they are so cute. Of the pieces that I didn't know about I can't wait to go find the "Big Bubble." There is an unlabeled red button somewhere around the Sesquicentennial Park / Wortham area and when you push it a big ... well... bubble comes up from Buffalo Bayou. I think this is such a great idea and while reading up on this I found out that the artist is the same one who did the inversion house. Very cool. I think I can find the button from the clues I saw on the show. They didn't out right give directions and I don't want to look them up yet. It will be a challenge to find it and I look forward to it.

Art is cool, so go explore. And check out the show if you have the chance.

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