Packing for a Trip

Questions from The Back Porch.

Onesome: Packing-- What type of packing do you do when you travel? Are you one of those who carefully does the "traveler's roll" with each peace of clothing and tucks it carefully away? ...or does everything more or less just find its way into the car somehow?

I'm a neat packer. I hate clutter and definitely don't like stuff loose in the car. Everything is in the suitcase or overnight bag.

Twosome: for a-- change of pace how about a guided tour of any building or place you'd like to visit: where would you go if you had that opportunity?

Oh my god, you want me to just pick one? That's way too hard. The White House, The Grand Canyon, Buckingham Palace, The Louvre, Pompeii, The Pyramids, The.... I could go on forever.

Threesome: Trip-- Where are you off to on your next trip? ...or if you're stuck in place for a while, where would you like to go? ...and yes, "Anywhere!!!" is an okay answer !

I will be going to San Antonio in July, but that is a business trip and I go there twice a year. I haven't taken a trip just for the sake of trip since.... I can't even remember. Anywhere of course is an answer, but if I had money to go anywhere I'd like to go to Paris. I've been having a Parisian desire for the last few months.

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