The Planets

I haven't been to the Symphony in ages. I think the last time I went was when they were performing the Mozart Requiem and it wasn't long after September 11th. Most of my musical performance money goes towards the musicals in town. But I'm going today and I'm excited.

The program:

Estacio: Solaris
Harbison: Double Bass Concerto (Houston Symphony consortium commission world premiere)
Holst: The Planets

I love The Planets. The first time I was introduced to it was when I was in high school and we did a routine to Jupiter in marching band. I bought the whole CD not long after that. My favorite pieces are the first 4 with Mars at the top although Jupiter vies for the top spot for sentimental reasons. Mercury is so sprightly and full of life. And to make all of this even better they will be showing NASA film footage from the Voyager and Hubble expeditions. Appealing to the musician side of me and the space geek, NASA groupie side of me.

UPDATE: Ok, I'm listening to it right now and I think that Jupiter has elbowed Mars out of the way. :-)

UPDATE 2: I'm back and it was wonderful. They had a NASA astronaut that narrated the piece. Between each movement he would describe the video that we were going to see and each video piece was related to the planet that was being performed. So cool. As for the battle between Mars and Jupiter, forget it. It's a tie.

Now my d'oh moment. I was sitting in the mezzanine and dead center. Pulled the camera out, turned it on figuring I could sneak a before the show shot and.... NO CF CARD! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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