Last Day of School (the meme!)

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Onesome- Last: What's the last thing you do each day before heading to bed? Do you sit down with a cup of herbal tea? Read a bit? What's your evening routine? Do you settle in early or are you a night owl, winding down long after the rest of the household is in bed?

I read every night before I go to sleep. Sometimes it can be as long as half an hour, sometimes the book falls out of my hand 5 minutes in. It is almost impossible for me to sleep if I don't read.

Twosome- Day: How do you start off your day? Do you stumble to the kitchen and turn on the coffee maker in a sleepy haze? Or do you wake up refreshed and rarin' to go? Maybe somewhere in the middle?

Stumble to the computer and hope for email! I am NOT a morning person. I also like to take my time getting ready in the morning.

Threesome- of School: What's your fondest school memory? Whether it be from childhood or college, let us know!

My fondest memories are of my time spent in band and choir. When I think back to middle school and high school I think of hanging out with my friends, funny things that happened to us and what it felt like when we were in the middle of a great performance. All of that is special and I'm glad that I can now create that for a new generation of people.

Ooo wee!

Last Day