Pining for Romance

That happens sometimes. I've made a pact with myself that for one year I'm not going to let things like being alone with no special someone get me down. But there are little lapses like now when I pine for romance and all those things that I don't have.

And what triggered this one? You'll laugh. Sixteen Candles. I was up late last night and started watching. I finally went to bed and taped the rest. Of course Sixteen Candles is a cheesy movie, but it is actually sweet (cheesy but sweet). No blatant sex in the movie and the crowning moment is a kiss at the end. Just a hint of what is coming without revealing all the details. I don't need all the details.

I am an incredibly sappy, emotional, romantic person and I am going to have to put that away this year to make my goal of not being depressed all the time. But sometimes it spills out like this evening and I can't shove it back in. So I've decided to wallow in it and watch Pride and Prejudice on Pay Per View. Where's my kleenex?

Update: I know I've said this before, but Mr. Darcy is the most perfect romantic character ever.

Ahhh.... chooo

Ooo wee!