Caring for Your Introvert

While surfing blogs this morning, I ran across a post about the fabulous article Caring for Your Introvert. I discovered this article a few years ago and sent it to all my friends. The people I interact with the most on a daily basis are all extroverts. I sent it to them in hopes that they would understand me a little better. I know it explained some things to me about them. I truly can not understand how they are always on their cell phones, can barely stand 5 minutes without human interaction or how they can talk about (what seems to me) the most inane stuff. This article is gold and should be mandatory reading for everyone.

When I went back to re-read it today, I discovered some follow up links. One of my favorite things was from the interview with the author: On the Internet, no one knows you're an introvert. I was just having this conversation with a friend, online chat of course, about how I am so comfortable online, but I feel restricted and stilted in person. She said everyone is funny online, but I think that is especially true with introverts. When I'm ready to interact I can write an email or leave a comment on a blog. All at my own pace and when I feel like it. I think for me personally there is some shyness in the mix as well. (Woo hoo. Great combination, huh!)

There is also a whole conversation about introverts and dating. Apparently the consensus is that it is harder for women introverts to find a man who can understand them and is willing to be patient. (Again. Woo hoo. That's me! Dating is hard.) I love this line: We want to hold their hand or hug them or just sit quietly and read a book with them. Yes. Don't you think that is romantic? I do and I guess now I know why.

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