Bombay Dreams

I went to see Bombay Dreams last night and I'm glad I did. Actually I'm always glad when I get off the sofa, out of the house and see a live performance, especially musicals (even if I have to go by myself.)

Favorite things from last night: the costumes were gorgeous, the dancing was great, I loved hearing the quarter tones that aren't easy for my Western European trained ears to reproduce, the dueling drums were cool (drummers who are into their performance are sexy!), and the crowd. It was great to see women in their saris and to see people at the Hobby who don't normally come, at least they don't come all at once. They were there to see a show about their culture and with people who look like them. There were obviously some inside jokes in the show, because there were things that I didn't get, but that drew a laugh from the Indian members of the audience. And that makes it fun too.

Next musical up is Lion King (woo hoo!). I bought these tickets in oh, January. (But that record won't stand. I bought tickets for Wicked a few months ago and that will be here NEXT April.) And Brooklyn: The Musical which is this year's free offering at Miller Outdoor Theater.


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