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I'm so excited, it's a little sad. Thanks to Dave I found a very cool website called Valleyschwag. By the time I was done reading Dave's entry I already knew I would be signing up even though I really should be cutting back on my spending, not adding to it. I'll figure it out. $15 less a month in junk food or something.

So what is it? Once a month you get a schwag package from deep in the heart of Silicon Valley. Pencils, pens, stickers, t-shirts, condoms (er....yes...condoms), etc. All labeled with Web 2.0 goodness. Wheeee!!

Only a true geek or a schwag addict will understand. I am a little of both. I love getting stickers, pencils, cards, etc. Usually I'm limited to music teacher or school district schwag. No complaints there, but it would be nice to have some "cool" stuff.

However I will state now that the stickers will NOT be adorning my laptop. I can't imagine doing that to my precious Powerbook. I'm sure I'll find a place for them somewhere. If no where else they will go up in my office and influence the younger generations.