Today is June 8th and it is has been 5 years since Tropical Storm Allison. I'm lucky in that the only thing that happened to me was a little car damage (er... well over $1000 but little compared to others). I will never forget that night as the water rose higher and higher and got closer and closer to my front door. Again I'm lucky, because it stopped at the sidewalk right in front of my door. Others were not so lucky.

I think what makes these moments (Allison and the Rita evacuation) hard is that I am by myself. I don't have anyone to help me through these things, to bounce ideas off of or to just be there for me. There is only so much that my family can do on the other end of the phone line. But I made it and I'll be ready for the next challenge mother nature throws whatever that may be.


Houston Chronicle: The Great Flood of 2001