Not that people are beating down my chat door, but if you are looking for me on chat, try Yahoo. I know, I know earlier I said AIM, but so many more people are on Yahoo and I want to stick with one.

However Yahoo is being squirrely because it isn't showing me online when I am. Answer from Yahoo? "Uh yeah we know, some people are having problems. We're working on it." Yeah right. I'm sure the Mac support part of it will be the last thing fixed.

Anyway if you want to chat try me on Yahoo. Send me a message and if I'm online I'll answer (if I like you that is... :-) ) If not I'll get your message when I sign on.

After reading that old message I'm going to take Aden's suggestion and play with Fire (heh). This whole post may change. Well except for the part about my Yahoo status not showing up correctly. Thank goodness because I'm feeling restless this evening and I need something to do.

UPDATE: Ok. Fire is up and running so I think I am available in both Yahoo and AIM. IDs are on my About page. By the way if I don't know your ID right away I may not answer. Send me an email and let me know it is you. Whoever you may be. :-)

UPDATE 2: Oh hey look at that. I stop using Messenger and suddenly my online status is accurate again. Woo hoo!

UPDATE 3: Never mind. Back to squirrely.