I need a new picture of myself and I don't feel like taking it. I HATE taking pictures of myself or seeing myself in pictures. Some people I know take pictures of themselves all the time. Not me. I'm sure it is all part of that low self image/esteem thing. My friend told me last night that the low esteem is probably why I run like a scared deer when meeting new people.


I guess I could look at it as a chance to grow as a person and photographer, but pffftttt.... (how exactly do you type a raspberry....). This will be more like a chore than any kind of personal growth. At least that is how I'm thinking of it right now. I know... not the right frame of mind. I need to think of a place to go to take a good picture and I'll work on my attitude.

And on a totally unrelated topic (but not really...) I've decided that my hair looks better in layers. Looking at the two photos I have used previously, my hair was in layers and in both of those photos I liked it. I hate the cut I have right now, but since I go into one of those $8 chop stores I guess I can't complain too much.