Sometimes I'm very patient. I think when I am in situations where I expect delays (traffic, long lines, restaurant waits, etc.) then my patience is steadfast. In fact I get a little irritated listening to people complain about lines etc. when they are expected.

Then there are times like now. I am being held up on one of my projects by someone else. I have little patience when I am at the mercy of someone else. I don't want to be a nag, but I feel like everything is on hold until this is finished. And I don't mean just things related to that project. I mean everything, even stuff that is totally unrelated. I guess I am a one project at a time type of girl and it is driving me crazy that this one isn't finished. This isn't a life or death type of project, but I still want it finished.

I've sent two emails already Sunday and Monday. I know I should wait at least until Thursday before I do it again, but I have zero and I mean zero patience. I feel sorry for people who live like this perpetually.

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