Variations on a Theme

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Onesome: Variations-- Do you you dress the place (or yourself) up for the July 4th holiday? I've seen plates and napkins and such, but this year one store has red, white and blue string lights for the house! Is that a bit much?

I think that's a bit much. No dressing up for the Fourth of July.

Twosome: on a-- wing and a prayer: How do you feel about flying? ...or do you prefer ground transport?

When I was young I used to LOVE flying. That feeling when the plane lifted off the ground. Looking down at the tiny houses and cars. But somewhere along the way I started becoming afraid of flying. I think it is tied into my fear of dying. This is not related to September 11th, it has just become an irrational fear. The last few times I flew, I have had conversations with myself. Trying to get myself to enjoy that feeling again. And I've been partially successful. The funny thing is I LOVE planes. Almost any plane will stop me in my tracks and I'm a regular at the Airshow. So this whole thing is irrational, but it is there.

Threesome: Theme-- The softball for this week: What is your favorite movie theme song or arrangement to listen to?

Star Wars. Episodes IV and V or as you may know them A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Return of the Jedi is ok, but the music in IV and V is spectacular.

This is me!

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