Summer Vacation Part 2

Thus I begin Part 2 of my Summer Vacation. This summer will be broken into 2 1/2 parts. Part 1 lasted 2 1/2 weeks. Since the first week in June I've been incredibly lazy, on the computer and in front of the TV practically all day, eating and living like the worst form of bachelor.

Part 2 is now upon me. I have received my move in date for my new apartment. I now have 3 weeks to pack. Then 5 days of hell while I move. I say hell because no matter how much you plan, moving is hell. At least I get to keep both apartments 5 days. I'm hoping that I can make it as easy as possible by doing work ahead of time. But I have to admit that in some cases I am a world class procrastinator. I'm hoping I can shake it.

After that I will have about 1 week to settle in before I leave on a business trip. The business trip marks the end of summer vacation for me. Since its one week I consider that part 1/2. It will be hard for me to relax that last week because I will be unpacking and I "should" be working on a presentation that I need to give. So not totally relaxing.

It will all be ok. Don't tell anybody, but I have found myself missing the structure of work a few times since summer started. I'm sure I will deny that when I am the drudgery of work in September.

Hurry Up and Wait

Don't Drown Your Food