Found Treasure

Cleaning out stored boxes I found a camera! A Polaroid 600. Woo hoo! I don't even remember owning a Polaroid, but there it is. A new film cartridge and I'm good to go. Of course now I'll need a scanner to get the photos online. I'm going to have fun with this camera.

It has been an interesting evening. Cleaning out my bag of stored memories. Running across pictures of a thinner me. A me that I look at from 10 years ago and I think, she's not so bad. I wish I thought that at the time. A me with a boyfriend. Looking at our pictures and cards and notes. A happy me. I wonder how he's doing.

Finding a bag of letters from about the time I was born. My aunt gave them to me, but I hadn't really looked through them. Finding a cable that was sent by my father to my family in the states about my birth. A letter with my exact birth time. 9:08 pm. Now I know! I wonder what other treasures I will find as I go through my stuff. I'm about to go through my picture box. That should be interesting.

UPDATE: LMAO. I found a journal I wrote when I took a tour of Europe in high school. I swear I wrote this sentence. "Paris is just like New York, except in French." LOL. Oh man, my eyes are watering. I was such a dork.

Carnival Fever

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