Hurry Up and Wait

Onesome: Hurry- What kind of driver are you? Always in a hurry, speeding to your destination, or going along with the flow whilst sticking to the speed limit exactly? Or are you somewhere in between? If you don't drive, are you always in a hurry, more laid back or some where in between, personally?

It totally depends on my mood. This is kind of backwards, but I tend to speed on the side streets and go just a little over the speed limit on the freeways.

Twosome: up- What drives you up a wall when you are driving? If you don't drive, just tell us your biggest pet peeve.

Getting caught behind slow drivers AND I also hate when I am caught in traffic and I'm late because of my own doing. If I am in traffic and I left when I should have, then I'm fine. If I'm running late, then I am irritated, mostly at myself.

Threesome: and wait- You rushed to get where you needed to go on time, and now you face a wait. Your date's not ready, your table in the restaurant you booked isn't ready, or the doctor is running behind, whatever it is, you were on time, but they aren't. How do you react? Do you complain, sit and wait, all the while silently fuming, or just settle in and wait, accepting it as part of life?

Again it depends. I just wrote about this. If I expect there to be a delay, for instance a table in a restaurant, then I am infinitely patient. I'm not as patient when I don't expect it, for instance waiting for someone to pick me up. If we settle on a time, you should be there at the time. But I'm not the complain out loud type when I do lose my patience. More like the sit silently and fume. So it totally depends on the situation.

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