Theory on the Purge

I have decided that it takes several tries to purge all your junk. I developed this philosophy at work. The director before me was a pack rat, to put it mildly. I'm guessing the one before her was too because I found worksheets and papers from the '50s and '60s when I took over and started cleaning out. It has taken three or four different times to get rid of it all. There is always something that I would set aside and say, "I might need that". Then the next time I reorganized I would realize "I don't need that"! It took a few times to really get rid of all the junk.

I'm thinking about this because I haven't really done very many on my home. I think this is only my 2nd one. You can imagine how much junk I have if there was only one other throw away session in 10 years. That's bad. When I moved to Houston it was totally at the last minute. Basically with the help of my mother I found an apartment, packed, started a new job and moved in 4 days. It was a whirlwind. So there was definitely no junk elimination there.

When I moved to this apartment, I must have cleaned out some things, but obviously not enough. I'm throwing bags and I mean bags of junk away. If this follows my work theory it will take a few more times before I'm really streamlined. The reason I'm pushing it so hard is because I am moving into a smaller space. If you have ever watched Small Space, Big Style you know those people have to live an uncluttered life. I actually like the uncluttered style, but my family genes are for the cluttered, pack rat life. It is an uphill battle.

Victory for the right thing

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