Butterflies are free!

This week's discussion on The Back Porch

Onesome: Butterflies-- June 21st has come and gone; it's Summer, and the Monarchs have pretty much finished their migration. How about you? Any travel plans? ...or are you staying "safe and sane" on the 4th?

Haha... I'm leaving TODAY for my family's farm in East Texas. But I'm only spending the night, so no big travel plans. At the end of July I go to San Antonio for a convention. Then summer is over.

Twosome: are-- What are you reading this Summer? Do you have any recommendations for the gang?

Right now I'm reading Dave Barry's Homes and Other Black Holes. A wonderful salve for the stress of packing. I'm also reading Hidden City, the last book of the Tamuli. As for recommendations I can always recommend Nero Wolfe.

Threesome: free!-- As we do every so often: Have you found any free software or cool extensions lately to share with each other? Fonts? Butterflies?

My newest software addition was Adium. It has an easy to use interface and I can be signed in to Yahoo, AIM and GTalk all at the same time.