Counting Pots and Pans

Onesome: Counting-- Do you ever have to do any form of inventory work? ...and you think what sorts of thoughts about it? Students, you aren't out of this one: what about book returns and such?

Oh yes. I inventory every year at the end of the year. It usually isn't too bad. More a chore hanging over my head since my inventory doesn't change that much each year. Every two years the district big wigs come and check my inventory and this year, I was sailing. In fact big wig #1 said he couldn't believe it, it was going to be a perfect inventory. Apparently no one has those. Well I didn't either. I forgot to put some computer speakers on there. Grrr. It wouldn't have bothered me except he mentioned the chance of being perfect and I love being perfect. :-)

Twosome: Pots-- Do you/have you ever done any outdoor or camping cookery? How did it go? ...any tips for the gang?

Haha. NO. I don't even do indoor cooking. Not that I would share with anyone.

Threesome: and Pans-- What one pan could you simply not do without in the kitchen. Mark can maybe slide on this one, but I'm betting his deadpan humor will come up with something...

Er.... does my microwave count?

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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