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A new law requiring high school students to take a fourth year of math and science could reduce their opportunities to take fine arts and other electives unless state education officials increase the total number of credits required for graduation.

The goal of the tougher high school math and science curriculum is to make students more ready for college or the work force. Nearly half of Texas students entering college now must take remedial classes.

I don't think that adding another class is suddenly going to get half of Texas students out of remedial classes. This doesn't all rest on the shoulders of the schools. I am so tired of people blaming the public schools for everything. We should be PARTNERS in a child's education, not the sole entity responsible for everything from the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic all the way to character education and everything, and I mean everything, in between.



Art and music teachers called on the board to increase the number of credits from 24 to 26 so that students will be more likely to include electives in their schedules. The instructors said those courses, which include fine arts and journalism, often are the ones that keep students interested in school.

Hallelujah! Why is this so hard for people to understand? The arts connect to something deep inside people. It makes people's spirits soar. And for young adults who are already having a hard time getting a grasp of who they are, it is the perfect medium for expressing themselves whether it is through art, music, or drama. Not to be egotistical, but my class is one of the best parts of my student's day. They get mad when their parents pull them out to go to the doctor or they have to go to a meeting.

You don't have to be a performer to appreciate the arts. It is an important part of EVERYBODY'S life. Please support arts education!

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