Finally the beginning of move week is almost here. It seemed like three weeks was going to be hardly any time to do everything and now time is dragging so slowly. And as soon as Wednesday hits, time will hit warp speed.

I'm ready to be moved. I'm ready to stop eating frozen food. Even though I don't really cook there are some things I just want to make for myself. I'm ready to go out and enjoy the rest of my summer. I have this weird compulsion. If I have something hanging over my head I just can't go out and enjoy myself. I have wiled away A LOT of hours the last week doing nothing but sitting in front of the television and computer. There is no reason I couldn't have gone to a movie or to the museum or out shooting. But since I wasn't completely done packing, I just didn't go. The only exceptions were Lion King on Friday and on a tour today. Those however were planned forever ago. The rest of the packing really can't be done until the last minute. So I wait for Wednesday. Trapped in my apartment with frozen dinners.

Why is time going so slowly!

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