It's me. I'm exhausted. By the way I had a nice little image about moving set up to appear this morning, but TypePad has been having some issues.

Anyway, I did not sleep well last night, so doing everything I have done today was on pure will power. I have made really great progress. I am almost completely unpacked! I have been driving myself so hard really trying to get everything done this evening, but I just couldn't. I'm exhausted. My feet are killing me because the only shoes I chose to not pack are horrible and showed their true nature once they were the only choice. Every muscle aches. So I'm going to go to bed and finish up in the morning. The biggest thing I'm dreading is getting rid of all these @*#! moving boxes. They aren't easy to carry and they are heavy. But soon it will be finished. All of this in one day. I'm probably going to crash pretty hard on Saturday.

I had to set up my internet though, not just for my addiction, but to make sure everything was working well before they came to install the digital phone. Yes, I'm going digital. I get to walk around and say that I use VOIP. Other nerds will identify themselves by being able to tell me what VOIP stands for.

Gypsy has settled down. She was a very unhappy camper this morning when I took her to the new apartment and locked her in the bathroom. She stayed there until everything was moved in. She would alternate between walking around, rubbing my legs so I would pet her and spitting. I haven't heard much spitting in the last few hours, so I guess she is adjusting.

Time for bed. Darn, I have to find my alarm clock. Oh wait, cell phone has an alarm. Never mind. Good night!

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