Cooked to Medium Rare

Onesome: Cooked to?-- Okay, the easy one: if you're having grilled meat (steak/hamburger) this weekend, how would you like it cooked?

Medium Well. Sometimes Medium. It depends on whether I trust the person to get it right. I definitely don't want Medium Rare.

Twosome: Medium-- to large? ...too large? What do you think of the big ol' plasma screen HDTVs available now? I mean, would you if you could?

Ooo yeah. I'd love one of those slick flat screen TV's and to truly see HD. If only I could.

Threesome: Rare-- Footage: one of the major news services recently announced they would make archived news coverage available for personal purchase on DVD. Is there any one piece/segment/area of old news (or new) you'd like to have on your bookshelf to view "whenever"?

Moon Landing. Actually everything related to Apollo would be awesome.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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