Best of Both Worlds

Ooo... my favorite Star Trek:TNG of all time is on. But I wanted to go to the museum to wander around. What shall a geek girl do? See it's a two parter, so if I watch it all now I won't get out of here until 4:00 and I was thinking 3:00 would be better. Hmmm..... watch one, tape one. Yeah ok. (No, it doesn't matter that I've seen it dozens of times!)

Episode? Best of Both Worlds. This is such a nerdy thing to be proud of but I can identify that episode in seconds. I switched over to Spike and bam .... it was instantaneous. I knew what I was watching. Best. Episode. Ever. (I even have the script!) The cliff hanger always takes me back to when I saw it for the first time. The howl that went up when Riker said "Fire" and then the "To Be Continued..." came on. It was a painful and long summer.

Sigh. I love this episode.


Cooked to Medium Rare