American Snout

My mother is big into nature. It started with birding and has moved over to plants and butterflies. So I sent her a link to this article in the Chronicle last week.

American snout butterflies are swarming parts of Central and South Texas as a result of erratic weather that created good conditions for the insects, experts said.

The snouts, which pose no danger to plants or people, are named for their flattened noses that help them resemble a dead leaf. The underside of the wing is whitish, while the top is orange, brown and white.

I *did* read the article, but didn't think anything about it until I was exiting the freeway here in San Antonio. Suddenly there they were. Butterflies EVERYWHERE. I truly think swarm is the best word to describe it. I'm not a big insect fan, so if this was anything other than butterflies I would be creeped out. Instead I'm fascinated by them. They are little, so one good gust of wind knocks them from their perches in the branches and plants and that's when you really see them.

This was the best I could do for a picture. A wide angle would just show a bunch of black dots and can't really convey what it is like to see them in person. I really missed my Rebel today. I've gotten used to its features and even though the S45 will always have a special place in my heart, I just couldn't get the picture I wanted. But I've brought the Rebel to this convention before and it didn't see much action.

So here it is. American Snout. I'm living my forwarded email.

By the way...