Checking In before Checking Out

So here we are: 10 pm on a Wednesday night. The convention has been ok. It is always a good kick start back into school mode.

It's a quiet little convention. There are two conventions I attend during the year. This is the small one. About 2,000 participants total. Generally sessions are between 8 am and 5 pm and there are no over lapping sessions. There are some activities in the evening like concerts or bar-b-ques, but most stuff is finished by 5 pm.

February is a completely different world. I can't tell you how much I love my February convention. Participants number close to 24,000. There are 2500 exhibitors. You can never see the whole exhibit hall AND attend the conference. Sessions start at 8 am and usually run until 9 pm. And every 90 minutes there are probably 10-15 different sessions. Every 90 minutes! I can't see everything and I definitely can't go to everything, but I have fun running around, exhausting as it may be.

So it's been nice to have this leisurely excursion, but I'm ready to head back to Houston. I miss my bed. I hear its raining over there. I hate the drive back, but I have a new copy of the Durufle Requiem which should keep me company on the ride home.

Three Cents