Three Cents

My district gives us money to come to this conference. You can be reimbursed up to $350 or get a check ahead of time for things like the hotel. The district calculates the cost of the room + city tax (no state tax for educational institutions) and cuts a check. This check was $328.92. I usually stay in a more expensive hotel (The Menger), and have to pay for the difference in room costs plus parking, room service etc. I chose this budget hotel however because I knew that money was going to be very tight this month from moving. $99 a night, free parking and free (not great but free) breakfast. I figured that I wouldn't have to pay very much to make up the difference.

So when I checked in on Monday they asked me to pay a total of three cents. Three cents! I had to look for three cents because I didn't even know if I had that.

And you know what? I just went to get my final receipt and they gave me a refund of.... three cents! Man, that school district knows how to add. This isn't enough to make me give up the Menger, but it is nice to know that if money gets tight again that I can still come to this conference with little expense. And those three pennies will be staying with me. I think they're lucky.

I'm Home

Checking In before Checking Out