Buy My Postcard!

So, I submitted five images for the Houston. It's Worth It open photography call. I figured, why not? They were going to exhibit every image they received at the Houston Center for Photography. I could say that I have been officially exhibited and leave out the part about how they took in everyone no matter the photo.

Well, they have contacted me because they would like to use this photograph (retitled Art is Everywhere for the exhibition) on some postcards that they will be selling at the show. When I saw this email yesterday I tried not to get too excited. I was thinking it might be like one of those "we will publish your poem in a book IF you buy the book" kind of things.

To cover our costs for hosting the event and exhibition, we’re selling some products, including postcards from a select group of 20 images for $1.00 each, and complete sets for $12.00. We would like to use one of your images for a postcard cover. We are only printing 50 of each card design, and if you agree to let us use your image, we will mail you 10 cards featuring your image shortly after the SPIN party.

But now, I'm not so sure. I visited the HCP website and found out that they had 650 submissions. So I'm thinking that they might have actually chosen this photo to be one of 20 postcards out of 650. NOW, I think I'm starting to get excited.

So if you don't have anything to do next weekend go to the Houston Center for Photography and see my photos! Buy my postcard! The gallery will be open from 12-6 on Saturday and Sunday with a SPIN party Friday night from 7 - 11 pm.


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