Oh yeah...

I live in a nice apartment complex which was constructed in 2000. For a long time it was THE apartment complex in this area, although a few more have been built that rival it since then. So for the amount of money I pay I expect quality service. (Yes, big bucks even in the smaller one). But I also understand that as the complex gets older some of those things are going to change. The prestige of the address is going to wear off and management is going to let some things go.

So that's what I figured was going on when I started noticing my neighbors across the way were drying clothes on their patio. Hanging their little kids underwear, towels, bath mats on the patio fence. Now I'm fussy. (Haha... you don't have to agree so fast!) But I also get overly worked up with things that I should just let go. So every time I walked by the clothes strewn patio I would just take a deep breath and try to let it go.

But today. Today when I came home I noticed a doorknob hanger on their entrance. Big words emblazoned across the top. TAKE PRIDE. I took a step closer (I'm nosy). Sure enough. It was a note from the management telling them to stop hanging their laundry out on the patio.



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