Nothing on a Sunday

Wow, I guess I have nothing to say if I can't talk about my feelings. Hmmm. I don't think it will break the moratorium to point you to this completely awesome site that a friend sent me. (Or maybe it will but I don't care).

Unrequited Love: Agony and Rapture

It made me laugh. It made me cry. I saw myself in so many sections and I was glad that I didn't see myself in others.

I'm watching my DVR recording of Boston Legal. Denny Crane aka William Shatner just pulled out a flip phone and opened it and very subtly they had the Star Trek communicator sound go off. I love this show!

Well I guess I'll go sort through the two boxes of music that I have. I've decided to reorganize my music into voice parts instead of alphabetically. Something to distract me from what is leaning more towards the agony side than the rapture side.

Update: Well I'm done sorting. Now time to go through and pick some possibilities. This next thing will interest only 3 or 4 readers. After sorting I had a little surprise. My biggest pile of octavos was of course unison/2-part which makes sense since I teach middle school. You know what the next biggest category was? SAB/SATB. That's a surprise since I've only had a mixed choir for three years. The SSA/TTB piles are kind of small compared to those two.

Love / Hate