I'm coming Steve!

Can you believe it is Thursday already and I haven't watched the Stevenote from Monday? I decided to give it a few days to settle down, plus the fact that I needed my time to prepare for my presentation. (It went very well, thanks for asking.) I'm off now to bask in the RDF produced by the master.

Update: Man, that was not what I was expecting. I have obviously been out of touch because I haven't heard anything about this! This being that Steve looked ill and hardly did any of the keynote.

Reading threads in one of the Mac forums and this post here and here has been interesting. People are getting upset at the mere mention that Steve looks ill. Mentioning that someone looks ill is not wishing illness upon them. It is commenting on what seems obvious, at least to me.

I think there are really two separate issues here. I think that Apple is probably starting to bring more people into the mix. They have to be thinking long term to the time when Steve is ready to step down. There will never be any one like Steve. But I imagine that someone will be able to run the company (God, I hope so) and that it may or may not be the same person that does the public relations. Right now Steve does it all and they need to start transitioning to the time when Steve isn't the public speaker and get the Apple crowd used to a different face (or faces in this case). To me that is a separate issue but it is being blown up because of the real concern.

The fact is, he didn't look well. He lost his place and his train of thought several times, rarities for him. And I think he looked a little frail. I really only see him for these keynotes so I am basically seeing him twice a year. I think it is obvious and in fact I can't believe that other people can't see it. A planned and gradual transitioning of Steve and his duties is inevitable, expected and probably very smart on Apple's part. A forced one because of an illness is unsettling. I sure hope its the former and not the latter.

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