The Next Big Thing

Lens This is the next big thing that I will be saving for. The EF-S 17-85MM f4-5.6 IS USM. Currently in the $500ish range. This is going to be a big saving project because I will simultaneously be saving for New York. Did I tell you I was going to New York in April? The high school choir is going and I will be chaperoning. (I really hope I didn't tell you that. I searched the blog with Google and nothing came up. Thank goodness for Google search or I would be saying the same thing every three days).

This is going to be a pretty special trip. About 75% of the high school choir is made up of my former students. A lot of these students barely go into Houston much less get on an airplane and fly around the country. It will be wonderful to be with them as they experience it, BUT not having to be in charge. I can get kind of bossy so I'm going to be practicing all year keeping my mouth shut when it comes to how the high school director runs things.

When I went to the River Oaks this week I decided to take my kit lens to get a wider angle. I haven't used that lens very much since my mother gave me this one for Christmas. I'm not big on changing lenses in the field. (I'm sure you're thinking that's the whole point of having an SLR but for me it is seeing exactly what the photo will look like, not an approximation.). I realized that I really missed having the wider angle that the kit lens provided. And after looking at these photos from Jeff's trip to Europe, where the only lens he used was the 17-85mm, I definitely want it. And I want it now. But I guess I'll have to settle for wanting it next.

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