It's been a very busy weekend thus far. Quite out of the norm for me. This is really the first time I've had to sit down and collect my thoughts.

Friday evening I went to the Ballunar Festival. Two years ago this event was the first thing I went to with a photoblog in mind. That first photoblog went up in September of that year and the first photo was a balloon from the festival. So this is an anniversary of sorts for me. It was also a mini-meetup! I met a lot of people from Flickr and from Houston Photobloggers. I wasn't quite as nervous as I was for Happyist, because I had something to do. Take pictures! The list of people I met includes Sarah, Ian, Elaine, Christine, Mike, Steve and Kathy. I even went with a group to Starbucks afterwards. For me, the shy, the self conscious, the reclusive and the introvert, this was another milestone. Maybe I'm making progress!

The only _____ moment (I can't think of the right word) was the realization that I am getting to the age where everyone is married or in a relationship. Married people talk about different things than single people and it was a little ________ (disheartening, sad, the way things just will be so I should just get used to it) listening to people talk about engagement rings and weddings and wedding photos. This is so beyond what my life is right now and I don't even see anything on the horizon (which is the disheartening part).

Nevertheless it was a very positive evening. It was great to meet everyone, but I have to say I was especially glad to finally meet Sarah. It has been close to two years that I have visited her blog/photoblog. Blogging can be a very personal medium where you feel that you truly get to know these people whether you ever meet them or not. But I must say its great when you actually do get to meet them, especially after two years.

Today I took two teachers from my school to the Educators Open House at the Hobby. We met up with my co-worker there. One of these teachers is brand new to Houston and the other has lived in Houston all his life, but you wouldn't know it. He has obviously lived in his little neighborhood and doesn't venture out on his own. In fact both of them said they don't go places by themselves. I used to be that way until I made the decision that I would rather go by myself and not miss things than stay at home and be sad about being alone and missing all the cool stuff. That makes me feel proud of myself for being that strong, which is funny because I'm not really an emotionally strong person. The morning was very enjoyable watching all the performing arts organizations do their presentations. After that we went out to eat at Niko Niko's. I got home about 3:00 in the afternoon and I promptly took a very long nap. All this people stuff is exhausting!

I had planned on going back to the full blown Theater District Open House tomorrow, but I just don't think I'll make it. I have so many domestic things I need to do including the laundry, going to the grocery store, the dishes, the bills, the blah blah blah.

Next weekend, three days off. I wonder what is in store for me.

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