Draw your sword

My school is experimenting with blogs. The technology people have started a blog (actually two). I think the idea is to introduce teachers to the idea and possibilities in blogging. One post asked if blogging could be beneficial in an educational setting. Some people said yes, some people talked about MySpace. I of course chimed in and gave some links to educational blog sites and today I saw this comment.

I always thought that blogging was a glorified message board; you know, a codification of something simple, and quite frankly innane, into something complex with a new, innovative name. The only difference between traditional conversation and journaling and blogging is the entertainment factor. Why do we have to trick our kids into thinking like this, keeping ideas fresh, and supporting their arguments by sticking them in front of yet another thing that resembles TV?

I'm debating about responding to this because it isn't really supposed to be a heavy duty debate. I don't want to start any fights or flame wars, but how would you respond?

And would you mind if I take a snarky detour for a minute? They used the word codification, but they can't spell inane? AND they signed in as ANONYMOUS. I can't believe that someone won't stand behind their statements. That is bugging me more than anything.

I have to laugh. I'm such a blog addict. How dare you critize blogging!
Draw your sword!


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