Lah Dee Dah

I'm still at work and I imagine I will be here a few more hours. Thank goodness for email posting! Another long day which led to another break down this afternoon, but at least this was a break down while talking to a friend. So I was sharing the stress instead of keeping it to myself.

On a bright note, I finally figured out a fragment of music that has been playing in my head for the past week or so. I kept hearing Lah Dee Dah-Dee Dah-Dee Dah-Dee Dah playing in my head. I KNEW it was from somewhere and not just something my mind concocted, but I couldn't pin it down until just a minute ago. Its from The Music Man. The Music Man goes around telling the kids to think the music and he always sings that fragment of song (sorry, the real name escapes me now). It has been playing in my head for a week, despite the fact that I haven't watched The Music Man in ages.

Maybe my mind has finally given up and is just singing to itself.

Sunset Promenade

Fluffy Bunny Rabbits