Valleyschwag 4

Valleyschwag 4 is here! Actually it has been here for more than a week, but I just haven't had time to catalogue it. But I have time this evening so here we go on the Schwaggy roundup. Click the photo to see the larger version.

Valleyschwag 4 T-Shirt
Video publishing over easy Wooden Logo Massager
Interactive Media

Perplexcity Game Cards
A World of Puzzles, Mystery and Intrigue Bottle Opener and Sticker
Local News for the World

abazab Sticker
Universal Media Player

Technorati Sticker
Who's saying what. Right now.

Hewlett Packard Sticker
The computer is personal again. (I don't think I can bear to keep this one. Anyone want an HP sticker?)

Valleyschwag Sticker
Join the Party!

Go get 'em John!

River Oaks Reflections