Lovely People

Today was the kind of day that I hoped for when I set the goal of getting out into the world and not being afraid to spend time with people. The kind of day where I'm not feeling sorry for myself for being alone, but am out and happy to make new friends. There are lovely people in the world and I got to spend time with some of them today.

First I met up with Randy and we chatted in Brasil's before wandering the streets taking photos. After that we went back to Randy's friend's place and then on to dinner where Dan joined the group. Next stop, Bollywood Blast at Miller Outdoor Theater. (Not much of a blast and it definitely needed more Bollywood sparkle.)

Overall a lovely evening with some very kind and gracious people. I say that because kind and gracious people invite a complete stranger over to their apartment, out to dinner with them and on to Miller and the invitation is sincere. I did feel at times that I was intruding, but I think that is more my insecurities than actual reality. That is part of my problem (my perception of reality) and something that I need to improve. Things like today help.

And tomorrow I look forward to sleeping in, reading a book and just generally being lazy.


Go get 'em John!