My hair has been driving me crazy the last few days. Ever since Wednesday there has been a patch of hair that has been sticky, no matter how many times I washed it. I had just switched shampoos and I thought that was it, but I bought a different one Friday and there was no change. It didn't seem to matter how many times I washed it, I couldn't get the stickiness out. Finally today I tried the baby shampoo that I have for my makeup brushes and I think that worked. I'm crossing my fingers, because my hair is one of my best assets. We'll see tomorrow when I go back to the grown up shampoo and hair products.

In a totally unrelated note, G4TV (you already know how I feel about them) obviously doesn't really understand what a Labor Day marathon is. A Labor Day (or any holiday) marathon should run during the day time for people like me who aren't normally home during the day and don't know what to watch. I flipped over to the Star Trek Marathon.... it doesn't start until 4 pm. What's the point!

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