Blog Design

Well I played a little with Vox last night. I was a little frustrated because composing is not supported in Safari and when I tried it in Firefox I ran into bugs. I'll probably go try it again when they support Safari posting. I'm not going to switch a browser just to post occasionally at a site.

The other thing that is a little disconcerting is that they seem to have decided that TypePad is more for power/professional users and are trying to direct the small time bloggers over to Vox. But there are a lot of people like me who are on TypePad, that ARE small time bloggers. I'm afraid as more time passes, they will forget those of us here at TypePad who don't want to move our whole lives to Vox and who don't want to have to get into the backend of the software to have a good looking site. They have an AMAZING set of beautiful designs over there.

I could hire a designer, but I've had bad experience with designers in the past and if I add a custom design template then I would lose my ability to just point and click and drag things around. I would love to have a large range of choices and just be able to change at a whim. I always wondered why they didn't have more graphic designs like their special interest designs and now I know. They've been directed over to Vox and everything over here is more on the serious side.

I know that Six Apart needs to differentiate their four blogging services, but I hope they don't forget that there are regular people over here at TypePad that would like to have some of the beautiful, fun and whimsical designs that they are lavishing on Vox.

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