You know what?

I'm going to bed! (Riveting material, eh?)

I've had a long evening with a very late doctor's appointment which entailed a trip to Clear Lake. I've been home about two hours, I'm tired and I've just decided that's it. The clean laundry will have to stay in the basket and the dishes will have to stay in the sink. I'm so excited about the prospect of being in bed before 10 pm! Its almost the same feeling I get when I get into bed Friday night and turn the alarm off. It's not exactly the same but it is close.

Since this is a random post ..... I gave the other two Astros tickets to a fellow teacher. She was the only one of the four music teachers that didn't win so now she can go as well.

And continuing the random thought train, I got an invitation (well... one of those we invite you to buy a table for $10,000 kind of invitations) from a group for a fancy frou frou ball that I can't afford to go to and wouldn't go by myself anyway (I so need a boyfriend!). But can someone tell me what nautical casual is? That was the dress suggestion for the ball. Can that be any more obscure or vague? Of course people that can afford to go to this probably have personal shoppers to figure out what you wear to a ball that's held on a bridge with a nautical casual dress code.

Another sign?