1, 2, 3 Kick

I'm gonna admit it. I watch Dancing with the Stars. This plus the Next Food Network Star and Next Design Star are the only reality TV shows I watch. I don't like the shows where people are back stabbing and vile. I don't know how people can watch those shows (Kelly!), but I like my corny dancing show. The only thing that is annoying is the audience that boos every slightly negative comment even when the judges are just trying to give some constructive criticism to help the dancer. Oh well, mob mentality.

I have it set on the DVR so I'm just now watching last night's episode. Who am I rooting for before the show starts? Emmitt of course! I was a big Cowboys fan during the Troy/Emmitt/Michael era so I know I will be rooting for him. I've already heard some comments that he rocked, so I can't wait to see!

UPDATE: So, I'm not the kind that usually fawns over the "hunks." I always seem to be drawn more to the geeks, the intellectuals, the sensitive types than the movie star good looks. But man I just have to say that Mario Lopez.... WOW. Hot. I can't think of any other word. Hot. And he has a Houston connection! His sister is married to Texans player Kailee Wong. That's cool.

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