Common Household Products

Onesome: Common-- Quick and easy: the most common name you can think of! Okay, let's make it a first (given) name...

Juan. I have more students named Juan this year than any other name. We have one class that has four!

Twosome: Household-- cleaners? What is your "go to" cleanser when you have to clean the place up? Are you a Lysol Junkie, an Orange Blossom Special or maybe a Bleach it to Death type? Come on, come clean !

Ugh. I hate cleaning. Thanks for reminding me. I tend to go with the Lysol products, especially the Lysol Wipes in the kitchen and bath and Resolve Carpet Foam for the carpet.

Threesome: Products-- come and products go. What's on your list as a "wanna' have" for this Fall (no, not for Christmas; we'll save that for later).

Haha... so funny you mention this. I want the new iPod shuffle. Have you seen it? It's TINY! I have no good reason for wanting it. I'm not a runner and I don't listen to my iPod that much outside of my car, but I want it anyway.

The thing I really want though is this camera lens. Oh and a new camera bag. And some new clothes, and... you know ..... I better stop now.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!


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