Stew_1 Reason #139 why I love my students. One of my boys had a talking Peter pen at rehearsal the other day. I love Family Guy (and the kids think you're cool if you talk about Family Guy) so I had him run through the six phrases that the pen said and asked him if there was a Stewie pen. That was pretty much the entire conversation. No big deal and nothing earth shattering.

So what does he take out of his backpack this morning? A Stewie pen. For me! We had only talked about it a few days ago so he obviously made a special point of going to get it. It means so much to me when I know the families have much better things to spend their money on then a joke pen. It was so sweet and thoughtful from this big gangly boy. I love my kids!

JPG Mag: Hometown

Ugh. I mean Arrgggh.