Fresh starts

Yay for fresh starts. I think I got off track a few weeks ago when I was down to vapors in my checking account. I decided to just to survive on the cash I had handy and not go to the grocery store. Combine that with getting sick and my apartment and habits have been pretty bad the last two weeks. But the apartment is now clean, the laundry is done and the refrigerator is restocked. Maybe it will snap me out of my "alone as always" blues as well. It just makes me feel so content when the apartment is clean.

Watching the last quarter of the game. My cat was jolted from her sleep with me yelling at the TV during the fumble. I know it will take time to turn the team around, but the reality had not really sunk in until today. It is going to take TIME and I need to settle in for another long season.

Oh please....

Meet up